Hitlist malayalam movie Review

After a long wait with the tremendous trailer actor Bala’s new movie hitlist released today.This is the first initiative from bala as a director,script writer and producer.The another speciallity of the movie is that the story in the movie is narrated by Mega star mohanlal.The movie is an action thriller mixed with romance and suspense.
The movie reveals the story of a police officer who is assigned to investigate a murder case to arrest the murderer.The center character (Police officer) of the movie is done by Bala himself which implicated a wrong decision from bala as a director.There is nothing new with the movie it’s just like every other bala movie.The movie can be categorized as a flop one.Eventhough unnimukundhan appeared in a guest role it had not shown any impact to the movie.The one positive thing that the movie had done to the industry is that ,the movie had gifted a new actress Aishwarya devan .
While conducting a performance ways evaluation bala performed well but it is not an apt character for bala it would have been sounded well if prithvi was given the center role.Aishwarya devan played her role in a nice way and others like unni mukundhan,riyazkhan ,tinitom ,thalaivasal vijay etc played their character in a good manner.


Verdict : Below Average

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