Harmful Effects of Air Fresheners on health

Air freshener is a very popular home product. It is used to make the air of the homes filled with a nice scented perfume. However, nobody gives a second thought as to the harmful effects that these air fresheners can have. All of us like to experiment with various types of sweet smelling fragrances. We do not know whether or not these fragrances can be harmful for us. There are various bad effects that these fresheners have on us as well as there are various reasons as to why we must stop using these fresheners in our homes.

Cause of Cancer:

many of us do not know the fact that air fresheners in our homes are the main causes of cancer. Certain air fresheners have agents that might be the cause of cancer. They emit a chemical called ‘terpene’ that reacts with ozone present in the air forming a compound called formaldehyde. This particular compound has been referred to as a carcinogen or an element that causes cancer. Hence, fresheners are quite harmful.

Issues regarding reproduction:

If someone is facing problems regarding infertility, then the reason behind this might be the type of air fresheners that is being used at home. Certain chemicals that are used to make air fresheners might cause problems in fertility that may be a serious cause of worry. Hence, one should not play with fertility problems and stop using such products.

Causes Asthma:

Air fresheners contain very high levels of formaldehyde and phthalates. These chemicals might lead to asthma problems in certain people. People who already have asthma may be more severely affected due to these fresheners. The percentage of risk increases when the air fresheners are used in a room on a daily basis. Asthma problems occurs if one inhales the toxic air caused by air fresheners.

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