Habits That Are Good For Hair Growth

Unless you are one of those who like sporting a bald head, a thick spread of hair is what the rest of us covet. Some are fortunate to be blessed with one without much effort from their end. Others have to develop habits that ensure that the hair growth never stops and you can sport healthy hair all through your life. These habits are not at all a tall order. These are basic activities, inculcating which in our regular routine does not take much effort from our end. Most of us are aware of certain preliminary habits that help us grow healthy hair. However, none of them will be effective unless you integrate them in your day to day schedule. Losing strands of hair is one of the most depressing things that we encounter every day. Medical options exist to compensate for lost hair but they are time consuming and burn a hole in your pocket. If you believe that prevention is better than cure, here are some of the easier ways to control hair fall :

  •  Brushing your hair – This activity is effective only when it is done regularly for 50 times, divided over two periods during the day. It aids in the circulation of blood in the scalp. That boosts the hair follicles to grow.
  •  Oiling your hair – Oiling is a time consuming process. It is thus best kept for the weekend. The applied oil needs time to work and thus, should be washed only after keeping it on your hair overnight.
  •  Tying up hair at night – Tying up hair causes less damage to your hair by means of friction with the surface your head lies on.
  •  Bathing in cold water – Hot water can be detrimental for your hair growth.
  •  Covering your hair – It acts as protection from dust and sunlight.
  •  Tying up hair when going out – Loosely bound hair has a tendency to be damaged faster.
  •  Washing your hair – Try washing your hair every alternate day to keep the pores clean.
  •  Eating green vegetables – They go a long way in determining your hair quality.

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