Golconda Diamond auctioned off at a price of $21.5 million

The diamond of Archduke Joseph was auctioned off by Christie’s at a grand price of 21.5 million dollars this Tuesday night. This has set a new price record for a colorless diamond. This diamond was one of the two very rare diamonds to be auctioned this week. The auction was taking place in Geneva.

Christie’s was the first to start jewelry auctions in Geneva. It took place in all the Five-star hotels that adorns the city. The price at which the Archduke diamond was sold was 15 million dollars more than what was expected. It cost much lesser a couple of decade back. This rare diamond is of 76.02 carat, comes from the mines at Golconda in India. It has a mixture of the perfect color and gives of exceptional clarity and elegance.

Alfredo Molina, the seller, said that two bidders were chasing the diamond from the very beginning. The resultant price was delightful. The winner of the bidding is a person who prefers to stay behind the curtains, has said that the diamond will be given to a museum for display.

The diamond was first auctioned in 1961. It is of the rarest piece of diamond that has been sold and awes everyone with its beauty.

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