Gatiman Express ( Semi Bullet Train ) to start service from Delhi to Agra

A semi –high speed train that affirms to reduce the travelling time to the city of Taj Mahal by 105 minutes will be christened Gatiman Express. It will have LCDs installed with every seat and emergency braking system.

This is the first semi bullet train that proposes to run at the speed of 160km/hour, the highest speed till date in Indian Railways, a senior Railway Ministry Official confirmed. The name is aptly decided for the high-speed it is going to impel.

Designed with hi-end seating arrangements, eight-inch LCD TV screens will be installed behind every seat. To crown it, there will be automatic fire alarm with the emergency braking system and passenger information system, the Railway official said.

However, the passengers can watch the recorded programmes until the live TV streaming starts which are going to take some time.

This semi-high speed train is considered to be a big boon for the tourists commuting to the beautiful city of Agra from the Capital.

The date of commencement will be confirmed once all the safety-certificates are in place, but before 30th Nov, Railway Board Chairman Arunendra Kumar Confirmed.

Designed with a 5400HP electric locomotive, the train is aimed at covering 200kms in 105 minutes, with a speed of 160KM/hour.

The Indian Railways has carried out two tests of the train already, but few arrangements are yet to be made like fencing off few areas and boosting of the signalling system.

There are 14 LHB AC coaches fabricated at Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory and is slated to be launched this month end. However, 12 coaches will be running on a daily basis and 2 coaches will be kept as extra for crisis time, the official said.

The train will have two categories, Executive and Chair car. It will also have a catering system.

Railway Officials also intend to introduce similar semi-high speed trains in eight more routes including Delhi to Chandigarh and Delhi to Kanpur.

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