Ford EcoSport India with Petrol and Diesel Engines

Ford India is making extra preparation to strengthen up the grip over the Indian market. Therefore, its decision to open new subsidiaries in this Asian country is quite relevant to the context. Now, to be frank, in-between Ford India has announced that Ford EcoSport will be successfully launched in Indian domestic market. However, more technical information has been leaked from the database of the company regarding this new upcoming vehicle.

EcoSport car will be more dashing, fuel economic and beautifully decorated. Moreover, there will be new power-train and driveline accessories for the upgradation of this car. The CEO of the Ford India has revealed that this EcoSport will be a sports utility vehicle.

Experts will introduce both petrol and diesel engines to make the car more fuel economic. At initial stage, it has been confirmed that there will be 1 liter Ford EcoBoost powertrain which will run on petrol. In addition, a 1.5 liter Duratorq powertrain will be opted for. The diesel engine will have a lower displacement attachment.

The production of this upcoming vehicle will be accelerated depending on demand in the existing market of India. In Brazil, the EcoSport was sold in large number. The price of the car ranges from 14.60 Lakhs to 17.40 Lakhs if you convert it to Indian currency. Now anyone can be surprised to learn the price of this car. However, for Indian customers different light weight models of EcoSport will be gifted at comparatively low prices.

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