Football player Lionel Messi Earns 32 Lakhs per day

Awesome football forward from Barcelona, Lionel Messi has wages which are mind-boggling. This young player earns about Rs 32 Lakh a day. This means that this Argentinean player pockets a whopping $15, 000,000 in a year. Messi is one of the richest paid football players in the world today. He is third on the top-ten list of the richest football players of the world. This forward player has been many a time compared to the legendary player Maradona, and has recently bagged the title or the highest number of goals scored in a year. If one breaks down his daily wages it will be found that the player makes about €31 every hour. Lionel messi plays for the FC Barcelona and plays for Argentina as well.

Apart from the wages earned from football, Messi earns a lot from the sponsorships and advertisements. He represents several advertisement brands like the pepsi or adidas. Lionel messi has fans from all over the world. His excellent football strokes have won the hearts of all ages. He had played excellently in the recent Football World Cup and the UEFA Cup. He remains one of the best players in the history of the football and is hoped to remain the same for years to come.

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