Foods that reduce stress

In the modern day, we all have a very hectic schedule and we have to work very hard each day to reach our goals. This is the main reason the lie behind stress that haunts many of us and that too from a very young age. Stress is one of the most important issues that is troubling today’s generation. Stress adversely affects the people in two major ways. First it affects you mentally and second it affects you physically. Mentally, a stressed person becomes miserable and scoffs at every other people. Physically, stress weakens a person and hence the person starts lacking energy to do any kind of work. However, it is very good to know that apart from a good yoga session there is certain food that helps to keep stress away. Let us see what kind of food will help us in this regard.

· A healthy breakfast having oats:

One should incorporate a healthy breakfast of oats that helps in keep off stress. Oats are rich in carbohydrate content that helps in the production of serotonin in the body that calms a person’s nerves.

· Having Dark chocolates

We all know that chocolate reduces stress. However, dark chocolate helps us further. They help in producing flavonoids that helps us to relax. It also has phenethylamine that helps us to improve our moods. The more cocoa content in the chocolate, the better it is.

· Do not have coffee too much

One should avoid the intake of too much of coffee and start having herbal tea, or any other fizzy drinks.

· Include fruits and veggies

One should have plenty of fruits, fresh or dried to reduce stress. Eating loads of green vegetables also help to fight stress off. The magnesium content in the green vegetables helps to release stress by stimulating hormones. Milk and eggs are also of good help.

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