Famous and Shocking divorces in malayalam film industry

Just like in the rest of the country, number of divorces in Kerala has risen in the last few years. This rising social phenomenon has not just affected the lives of common men, but celebrities from film and television world as well. One must remember that the stars are also human beings. Add to that the immense pressure of work and other social commitments and celebrity marriages often become like long distance relationships. While some couples may manage the excess pressure, not everyone can. As a result, marriages fall apart. But sometimes they reasons are just plain personal and stay unknown till today. The following are divorces that has caught media and public attention due to involvement of the stars.

Dileep and Manju Warrier-

A hi-profile couple as both are stars in their own right. Manju is widely considered as one of the most successful actresses in Malayalam films ever with films like- ‘Ee Puzhayum Kadannu’, ‘Kanmadam’ and ‘How Old Are You’. Dileep on the other hand is one of the most popular actors of Malayalam films with several big hits like ‘Meesa Madhavan’ and ‘C.I.D. Moosa’ to his credit. The couple got married in 1998 and post marriage Manju had retired from her promising film career. They were also blessed with a daughter. The couple filed for mutual divorce earlier this year in July. Naturally there were rumors regarding the reason. There were speculations of  infidelity on part of Dileep. But sources close to the former couple say that it was Manju’s decision of returning to films after 15 years that led to a rift between the couple. The couple has parted ways amicably. Manju Warrier moved to her parent’s house and their daughter decided to stay with Dileep.

Mamta Mohandas- Prajith Padmanabhan-

Mamta has made her mark both as an actress as well as playback singer. She has acted in hit films like ‘Celluloid’ and ‘Passenger’. She has also won the Filmfare South award as a playback singer. She is also a cancer survivor. She spent her childhood in the gulf nation of Baharin. It was here that she had first met Prajith Padmanabhan at an young age. He is a businessman based in Baharin. They married in 2011 but within a year, there were signs of trouble as they began to live separately. In December of 2012, they filed for divorce. Later it was revealed that Prajith wanted her to stop acting marriage. While initially she agreed, later she signed for the film ‘Celluloid’. This created the problem for the first time. After that apparently without telling Prajith, she took up more acting projects and let her father take charge of her career. Eventually the situation deteriorated and the couple had to part ways.


Kavya Madhvan and Nishal Chandra-

Kavya madhavan started her acting career at the age of 7, Kavya has went on to become one of the biggest female stars in Malayalam film history. A trained dancer, she has won numerous awards for both for her dancing and acting. She and Dileep became a successful pair in Malayalam cinema. Some of her most noted films include- ‘Perumazhakkalam’, ‘Gaddama’ and ‘Twenty:20’. In 2009, she married Kuwait based Nishal Chandra and moved to Dubai. Many thought at that time she would quit acting. However, within months she came back home and never went back. There were contrary reports about the situation. Some claimed her contact with a male co-star post marriage was the reason while some reports claimed that she was humiliated by Nishal and his family. The couple formally divorced in 2011. Now she is fully concentrating on her career.

Mukesh Divorced Saritha in 2007 and married Methil Devika in 2013

Famous Malayalam actor and producer Mukesh tied knot with famous choreographer Methil Devika, who is also a dance research scholar, on October 2013. The marriage ceremony was held at Tripunithura, in Mukesh’s house. Only family members and very few friends of the couple attended the function. The couple registerd their marriage at Maradu register office. For the traditional marriage rituals they went to a temple and prayed for blessings to have a good relationship with each other.

It was second marriage for both of them. Mukesh ended his first marriage with his actress wife Saritha in 2007. He has two children from his first marriage. For Methil, she has a son from her first husband Rajeev Nair. She divorced Rajeev after her son’s birth. She lived alone and runs a dance school named, Sripada at Palakkad. Methil got the Ustad Bismilla Khan Yuva Award and Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi for Mohiniyattom. Mukesh and Devika both are members of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy.

According to Methil, the marriage is arraged by their family and she received the proposal from Mukesh’s family. Mukesh’s first wife stated her anger as the marriage is illegal. Mukesh did not divorced her legally till then.

Mukesh and Methil Devika photo


Actress Lena and Abhilash Spilt up

Married in 2004, actress Lena Kumar, popularly known as Lena, divorced in last year. Her marriage with Abhilash Kumar was not informed publicly so they decided to keep silence even about their divorce.

Lena and Abhilash had the story of their love from childhood. They started dating with each other when in class 6. After a long way of love and courtship they tied knot in 16th January 2004 when both of them settled in their life.

Abhilash Kumar is also a popular name in film industry as he is a famous script writer. 22 Female Kottayam was one of his best works.

After they got separated it was rumored that Lena did not give time to family, and focused only on her career. Though Lena strongly disagreed with that type of news, but she did not say any word about it because it was a past incident of her life.


Revathi and Suresh Chandra Menon-

she is one of those rare actresses who has worked in all South Indian industries and also Bollywood. A three time National Award winner, she was a major female star South India from early 80’s to mid-90’s. She has also won acclaim as director. She married cinematographer-director Suresh Chandra Menon in 1988. For many years they were seen as an ideal couple. But from 2002 they started to live separately. While not clear, it is suspected that not having a child was the root of all trouble. Their divorce was formally complete in 2013.


Srividya- late actress was an icon of Malayalam cinema, appearing in over 200 films. She has also worked extensively in Tamil films. Despite her successful career in films, her personal life was a tragic one. She was in a relationship with legendary actor Kamal Hassan and despite the approval of both families, they broke off. In 1976, she married assistant director George Thomas despite family opposition. As per his wishes, she also converted to Christianity. She had plans to settle as housewife but her husband forced her to return to acting. This led to a fissure in the marriage and it ended after two years. However, George Thomas claimed her property and a long legal battle followed that ended up in the Supreme Court and finally ended in Srividya’s favor. She was later diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away in 2006.

K.B Ganesh Kumar and Yamini Thankachi -

beginning from 1985 he has acted in many films. He first became notable for his performances as a villain in films but after entering politics he began doing more positive roles. He married researcher Dr.Yamini Thankachi in 1994 but their marriage ended in controversy. In 2013, he had to resign from his post as a State minister after his wife filed domestic violence complaint against him. They later divorced and Ganesh got married to  Bindhu Menon on 24 January 2014.

Rachana Narayanan Kutty and Arun

Film and serial actress Rachana Narayanan Kutty was married to Arun Kumar on Januvary 2011 . Later they divorced on March 2012. Rachana explains reason because of physical and mental torture .


 Sidarth Barathan and Anju

Sidarth Barathan (son of director Bharathan and KPAC Lalitha )divorced Anju M Das (from Pattam  )on October 29th 2013. They got married on 12th December 2009 . Then Anju settled in Mumbai due to her interest in her carrer as a fashion designer . 4 years later the couples found unhealthy relation between them which has resulted in divorce . They started living separately from 2012 .

Sidarth Barathan is a good actor and director. His appearance in film Nammal is remarkable .


Jythoirmayi and Nishanth Kumar

Malayalam film actress Jythoirmayi  got married to Nishanth Kumar on 6th September 2004 . Nishanth Kumar is a software engineer .After 9 years they had filed a divorce at Eranakulam family court on 23rd March 2011.

Manoj K Jayan and Urvashi

Film actor Manoj K jayan and Urvashi got separated on 15th  October 2008  at Chennai Court. Their marriage was love marriage (in year 200) and  had a daughter Tejalekshmi .

Current Status :

Later Manoj K Jayan married Asha from Varkala  on March 3rd  2011 at Thrissur District and the couples have a son named Amrit now.

Urvashi married Sivan (Siva Prasad ) in November 2013 at Chennai . Sivan is running a construction company in Punaloor , Kollam . The marriage was an arranged marriage and now couples is blessed with a baby boy on April 2014.


Meera Vasudevan

Meera Vasudevan got her divorce by family court in 2010 from her husband Vishal Agarwal, son of cinematographer Ashok Kumar. They were married in 2005. After a few years of married life they decided to be separated. Meera is now married with Malayalam actor John Kokken from 2011.

Meera fall in love with Vishal and married him in 2005. After three years Meera appealed for separation in family court. But according to sources, Vishal was not ready for separation. He wanted Meera back in his life. Though both of them was going through counseling session to be united once more, their separation was inevitable. Meera opted her way with John Kokken to live her life.


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