Facebook now lets you untag multiple photos

Here comes another piece of good news for all the users of Facebook. Earlier the makers had introduced new privacy tools that would help a user to manage the posts and the items that they share on their walls to be viewed by the people that they want. Now, they have introduced another new tool which has been named as the ‘Request and Removal’ tool. By the means of this tool a user will be able to untag more than one photo at a point of time. The newly updated Activity Log of the users already contains this tool.

The process of untagging yourself from more than one photo is pretty simple. First, go to your account’s Timeline. Second, click on the Activity Log icon that will be found right under your cover photo. Third, clink on the link of the photos that lies to the left. Fourth and last, select the number of photos from where you want to untag yourself. A user can also request their friends to exclude them from any particular photo that they do not wish to be in. there is also an option where the user mentions the reason for his or her actions. However, after the untagging is done, while the photo will not be appearing on your timeline, you can view the photo in places like your friend’s timeline, news feed and search options.

There are still more to go. Not just the ‘Remove and Request’ tool, updates also include more shortcuts on privacy and the Activity Log has been made all the more easy to be used. The users till now had to go to a separate set of pages in order to changes settings of their privacy. However, new shortcuts have been introduced which enables the user to change the account settings from the same page itself.

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