Ex-Minister Ganesh Kumar and Yamini Thankachi divorced

Finally after lot of rumors and so many ups and down in last year or so ex Minister K.B Ganesh Kumar and wife Yamini Thankachy are separated legally. There was so many pressures from outside as well as inside to keep them together but it all ended in vain. Finally it finished in today’s date which started around April this year.

The Trivandrum special family court where the divorce petition was filed by both of them mutually came to the conclusion of divorcing. Members from both parties mutually took the decision though the counsel put their points and discussed the matter for forty odd minutes but it all finished in divorce.

Though Yamini accused her ex husband of violating the divorce petition, the whole event started from April this year when both the parties filed divorce appeal at the court. This followed up with all media attentions and passed through some dramatic events and publicized the whole process.

Finally it has come to an end and both the parties were present in the court with their respective advocates and family members. After divorce both of them looked happy and joyful. Let’s hope they both enjoy a happy “divorced” life and come out something good in future.

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