Director Jude Antony Joseph marriage on 14th of February

Jude Antony Joseph earned significant fame with his very first directorial ‘Om Shanti Oshana’. The talented director is ready to tie the knot this year. He would be marrying his girlfriend on the 14th of February.

The real name of this newcomer director is Sijo Joseph. He later changed his name to Jude Antony Joseph. The reason being, that he is a strong devotee of St. Jude, and credits him with everything he has achieved in his life. ‘Om Shanti Oshana’ brought him loads of happiness. The performances of the actors made the film a huge it. Also, director Jude Antony Joseph was significantly praised for the thoroughly entertaining script. It was different from all other Mollywood films, as this one featured a girl who boldly goes after the boy she loves.

But this was not the only success Jude got out of the movie. A girl became very fond of his film and later fell in love with the director himself! The name of this lucky lady is Diyana Ann James. Jude posted on Facebook, that he considered the film to be the best thing in his life. But God gave him even a more special gift, as he got the love of Diyana. He was elated to announce his marriage that will take place on Valentine’s Day.

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