Dileep and Nadhirsha‘s Dhe Puttu Hotel at Kochi

Puttu is a favourite dish among the Malayali people. It is a type of steamed rice cake and it is usually served during the breakfast. It is quite common in any household in Kerala.

Our favourite comedians Janapriyanayakan Dileep and Nadhirsha are back again with a bang! But no , not with their rib- tickling jokes ! You must be guessing as to what else they can present us with ! But surprise , surprise! The duo have come up with a brilliant idea of starting a restaurant near Oberon Mall at Cochin. This is no ordinary restaurant of course! They have decided to name it “Dhe Puttu” ! This might remind you of their show “Dhe Maveli Kombath”.

The restaurant will sell a variegated range of puttus , along with myriad side dishes too . But mention must be made of a few of their special variety of puttus – Mambaya , Chirattaputt, Gothambu, etc.The restaurant has been started by the group of friends – Nadhirsha, Dileep , Chandra Sekhar, Nadir and Sreenath Bhasi and has been inaugurated by Nadeer, Dileep and Nadhirsha’s mothers on the 11th of May. The working hours of “Dhe Puttu” will be from 11am to 11pm.

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  1. I like puttu very much.

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