Dileep and Manju Warrier are on the path of divorce Fake or Real?

“Famous Malayalam superstar Dileep to Divorce Manju warrier” .This would be the headline recently you have eagerly noticed in some news papers , magazines and social networking medias  and now you will be excited to know whether this news is true or not but the fact is that there is nothing serious to get excited its only a fake news regarding the Mollywood couple Dileep & Manju.
Two days ago some obscure news paper had reported that Malayalam super actor Dileep and his wife Manju is going to get separated due to some serious family issues and several medias reported different reasons regarding their separation plan .Some reported like ,its due to Dileep’s extra marital affair with Actress Kavya Madhavan who was separated from Mr. Nishal two years ago. They also claimed that Manju made a suicide attempt which had become a reason for replacing Kavya from certain movies with Dileep as the hero.Some other reports claimed that they are getting separated due to return of Manju to the industry which his husband(Dileep) doesn’t like. There also spread another gossip like Dileep had recently started a real estate business with Mimicri artist Naadirsha and Kavya so that Dileep and Kavya can meet privately.
Even after knowing about such gossips they didn’t responded anything about this to the medias but some trustworthy sources near to this celebrity family claimed that ,Such a news seemed to be shocking even to the ever green couple Dileep and Manju and it’s a fake news to drain popularity of actor Dileep .



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  1. I know dileepettan he is an innocent man. Thanks Reporter365 team for publishing the truth..

    • u r ri8 mis Rajalekshmi………. manjuvinte charithram nokkial thanne ariyam….. avalude cherupathil aval oru autokkaranumay olichodiyatha……..pava dileepattena pettupoyathe…

  2. Dileep is a fraud . He has been cheating on manju for long time now. This was expected.

  3. dileep manju orikkalum verpiriyan padillaaaaaa

  4. Thank you so much for the real news.. I really felt bad when I saw their divorce news because I’m a big fan of Dileepettan..

  5. I like dileep uncle paksha njan vicharichilla eghanaokka

  6. Its not fake, a fact ekm amruthayil ninnum ktym karithas hospitalilek manju warrriore matiyath enthinayirunnu, publish aakumenna pedi kondalle…..? ?

  7. Dilipattan nalla manushana addaham enganayonnum cheyilla.

  8. I love dileepattan very much.

  9. dileep enna komaliye manju ithu vare sahichathu thanne kashtam..
    manju vinte kalaparamaya kazhivine naalu chuvarukalkullil moodivekkanullathalla.. nangal kathirikkunnu.. oru thirichu varavinu..

  10. mr.delip,
    dont spoil ur daughter,s life.manju is ur lucky star.dont forget that.without manju u will become a big zero

  11. never and ever saparate……..pls u both are really superb couple……..an ideal couple……………..

  12. please dnt leave her

  13. Mr,Deleep, never expected this from you, how is it possible for you to find somebody in place of my Manju , my heart is really bleeding Dileep. Be always both of you together and encourage her to act again. Why don’t you cast her in your own films as well as in other films. Dear brother, we want to see you both happily living with much more love, along with your daughter. Deleep will you seriously listen this?

  14. mr. dileep. jeevitham onne ullooo. athu paramavathy enjoy cheythu jeevikkuka.

  15. pls dont leave her you must live together for her daughter..

  16. avar nthelum cheythootte…ee naattukaar nthinaa ithrem intrzt kaanikkyunneee…….aardeyaayaalum nalla filmsine support cheykka…….
    baaki avarde personal matter alle…avarde vazhikyu vitt koode……

  17. that is so good

  18. dilep and manju orrikallum piriyan padila……………….

    • enik randu pereyum ishtaman………. dileepetanum manju chechiym orikalum piriyan padilla……….

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