Diesel price to Raise ??

Diesel price would be increased in the upcoming days said by Petroleum minister S Jaipal Reddy. A series of discussions are held on the ministry level. Already the petrol prices are being increased in the nation . now the diesel prices are being to shoot up.this should certainly brings a heavy burden to the people of the country.
All the essential commodities are being transported through roadways. In india about 60% of the trucks are being transported through trucks. If the diesel prices are increased this should certainly increases the expenditure on other items. The fare charges on freight would be increased, the charges on loading would be increased etc . the price raise can adversely affect the economy of the nation . this price raise can only result in the high price for the commodity being consumed by the end consumer. Unlike petrol price raise the diesel price raise can harm the economy on a wide range since all the essential heavy machineries , building materials, raw items agricultural products are being transported through trucks.


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