Dance Sequence worth of 15 crore in Shankar’s ‘I’

The recent buzz in the Kollywood town is that of the dance sequence that is going to be featured in the movie ‘I’. This movie by Shankar stars Vikram and has the most dangerous and the most unique dance sequence which will be having poisonous snakes in it. The most daring dance sequence of all times will be accompanied by a troupe of more than 100 dancers and will also have Vikram in it. The director has gone to all length and breadth and included all intricate details in the dance. He did not agree to compromise with any detail that will be shown on the screen. Not less than two floors of the studio where the shooting is taking place have been booked by the unit. The set designing has cost a total of 6 crore rupees. The entire dance sequence will be costing a staggering 15 crore rupees.

The audience is expecting stunning visuals from the dance. The lead actress of the movie is Amie Jackson. She too will be seen in a dance sequence in the film. Her dance has been shot entirely in china and has been given various Chinese dance forms and steps.

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