Changes in Rules for UK Visa announced by Government

The Border Agency of the United Kingdom has declared that a written statement from the minister has been added to the parliament on 22ndNovember. According to this statement a number of changes have been brought about in the already existing rules for immigration. These rules are going to come into force from 13th December, 2012.

Although the people concerned are of the view that the changes are nothing but minor amendments which have been added to the existing rules for immigration, the part restricting the international students who are graduates, to switch to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, is something which cannot be considered as minor change. The very idea of student graduates from other countries to stay in UK and invest money in any business and have the right to employ people for that purpose seemed counterproductive.

The Border Agency of UK has stated the fact that these rules also include the changes that are ‘non-substantive’. This is exclusively for the migrants and the sponsors who come to UK and fall into the following Categories:

  • Tier 1: Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Tier 2: Skilled workers, which include changes for transfers from the company seniors
  • Tier 4: students, includes the extension of interim limit
  •  Tier 5: temporary workers, this include government officials as well as private workers


There will be new revised details for the sponsorship which is going to be published in December. The rules for Criminals and such records have been strengthened and made robust. The applications for visa which are coming up will be assessed with utter scrutiny and hence there will be a rigorous check upon the person who is coming to UK.

Thus, it is evident that the new visa rules are going to prevent many of the deserving Indian students from going to UK. This fact has been highly criticized by many.

The Oxford University, London has urged that the new visa rules should not stop the deserving candidates from losing out the opportunity of studying in the places they want. This new set of rules would mean that there will be fewer students who are going to stay after they gave completed their graduation from the country. This will be seen as a tremendous loss to the Colleges and Universities in the UK, where the foreign students are an additional source of income, contributing to a large part of the total income of the country.

That is why, several universities are requesting that the changes should be corrected immediately so that there is no loss of students from other countries. The Border agency on the other hand claims that they have done this so that only proper deserving candidates will be coming to UK. They are doing this in order to increase the security of the country as well.

The universities are of the view that these changes that have been put forward are way too drastic. With these rules there will be very less number of students who will be coming from other countries, especially India. They are not paying any heed to the ‘selection’ of students that is shown here. The immigration system wants only the brightest possible minds of the country to come to UK and be a part of their education and other systems.

However, the home countries have given a positive response to the new set of rules. According to them the rules will make fewer students to go abroad for further studies, and will compel the students to study in their respective countries. This would increase the revenue of that country in turn.

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