Causes of Memory Loss and the Treatments

Memory loss is a very serious issue among different age-groups. There are various causes that might lead to this kind of loss.

  •  If a person uses any kind of medicine in excess quantity, then it might lead to memory loss. The possible medicine includes certain painkiller, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, several kinds of drugs and sedatives and such form of medicines.
  •  If a person is a alcoholic or has a habit of smoking excessively then it might lead to such loss of memory. Intake of drugs or chewing of tobacco also effects people in the wrong way. These kinds of stuff are harmful for the brain as they stop the passage of oxygen in it. The brain fails to function properly.
  •  The concentration of the mind might be adversely effected if a person suffers from problems like depression, stress, anxiety, or sleeplessness. Memory loss can be seen as a very long term result of these problems.
  •  Other than this severe injury in the brain, hear attack, old age, and lack of nutrition can also lead to memory loss.

Memory loss must not be neglected and the person suffering from this must be placed under proper treatment as soon as possible. There are various possible treatments to cure memory loss.

  •  If the memory loss has occurred as a result of wrong medication, then the medicines should be changed immediately and the person must be placed under vigilance.
  •  People suffering from mental depression or stress must go through various sessions in order to increase their mental strength.
  •  Memory loss if results from the consumption of excessive alcohol or smoking then these habits must be given up immediately.
  •  Intake of proper medication on the advice of a proper specialists and a friendly environment might help to cure the memory loss.

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