Causes and Treatments of Bone Spur in Wrist

Bone spur occurs due to excessive bone growth on the natural bone. It can occur at any place of the body, like wrist, feet, spine, shoulders and hands. It is also called osteophyte.

Symptoms: It causes pain if you press on that bone. It causes excessive pain when the elongated part is rubbed by other bone, ligaments, tendons or soft tissue of the body. It generally takes place around joints and tendons.

Causes: When a bone ruptures, additional bone tissue is formed around that area. This results in bone spur. It also occurs in aging people, when new tissue is formed to replace the declining joints and ligaments. Ache and swelling around the wrist are the symptoms for wrist bone

Causes for bone spur in the wrist include:

  •  Incorrect method of typing
  •  Arthritic disease
  •  Chronic activity
  •  Trauma to the wrist

Treatment for bone spurs:

  •  Motion exercise, to prevent the joint from stiffening and becoming motionless.
  •  Taking Omega vitamins: They help in lubrication of the bones.
  •  Avoid typing for longer periods. The hand should not be in upward position while typing.
  •  Apply linseed oil on the bone spur with a gauze to reduce the swelling
  •  Foods rich in calcium should be made part of diet
  •  Foods containing vitamin D, milk, green leafy vegetables and necessary fatty acids make the bone strong.
  •  Ground Sesame seed tea which is rich in calcium can be taken three to four times a day.

Surgery for the bone spur: If the natural remedies do not work then surgery is the last option. To get relief from the pain patients can go for carpel tunnel surgery. If the bone spur is due to osteoarthritis then surgery is not required.

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