Call Me Back Service by Airtel and mCarbon

The mCarbon, which is the leading provider of value added services, has introduced another exciting service in collaboration with the networking company, Airtel. This special deal is the ‘Call Me Back’ service and will be available to all prepaid users who have a balance of less than Re. 1. This request can be sent from their mobiles to their friends and family. This technology gives a special working process for the mobile terminals. It helps to trigger and get access to the services of the mobile phones like, call back, information enquiring services, interactive messaging, mobile chat, as well as customer services. The USSD integration along with the back end technology has ensured that the delivery of the message takes place on a safe and secured platform at a very high speed. It also enables the development of rapid applications and a platform for the creation of services. The company will also ensure that the launch of this service is cost effective for the operators.

This service is going to be launched as the part of Mobile Social offering by the company. It is dedicated to Telco and is expected to broaden the connectivity sphere of Telco with its customers.

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