Bunty Chor malayalam movie by Matthews Abraham

Bunty Chor is a Malayalam movie that is going to feature Nixon C George in the lead role. It is being directed by the debutant director, Matthews Abraham. This movie was shot with a budget of 2 crores rupees and is a commercial film at heart. The first scheduled shooting of the film was carried out at the house of an NRI, Venugopalan Nair, in Thiruvananthapuram. This is where the theft actually takes place.

Devinder Singh, alias Bunty Chor is the man notorious was robbing over 500 houses. He was called the “Indian Robin Hood” and he became notorious almost overnight. This popularity made him really popular in the popular culture in Kerala. This, of course, made him quite popular in the Malayalam film industry as well. He committed a hi- tech robbery in Thiruvanthapuram, but he lost the bag in which all the stolen goods were. The whole plot of the movie revolves around the contents and the whereabouts of the bag. Bunty Chor has looted a lot of things, including a 28 lakh rupees car, two mobile phones, etc. He stole these from the house of Venugopalan Nair, the NRI Businessman who has given his house for the shooting of this movie. The thief deactivated all the security devices and broke many bullet proof windows to get what he wanted. Bunty was later arrested when he was spotted at teh Hotel Sai Executive, in Malta Chowk.

This is not the irst movie being made about Bunty Chor. Dibakar Bannerjee made a movie named Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, which was inspired by the life of Bunty. That movie became a huge hit, so this movie is also expected to do well. This movie is going to be made in three languages and it is going to star Sudheer Nair. The shooting for this movie is currently being carried out.

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