BSNL, Dataone Broadband FUP Data Usage check and Adding Extra GB to your Unlimited Plan

BSNL/ Dataone Broadband customers should be aware of the unlimited plans that provide Internet Data usage because they include a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit. The FUP limit allows users to surf the Internet, and download data using high speeds, until the FUP limit is passed. At this point, Internet speed is dramatically reduced. You can still browse the Webpages and download  files, however the speed slows down dramatically.
How do you know your FUP limit, and how to check your current usage?

The following tutorial will show you, along with instructions on adding more GB of data to your plan.

Links for checking FUP Limit

Bookmark the following links to check your plan usage, and purchase additional data.

Link 1 :

Link 2 :

Assam and Kolkata Customers :

Bangalore Users :

Chennai Customers :

Gujarat Customers :

Kerala Users :

Once you visit this page you can see  a message as in the screenshot below

If you are past your FUP limit, BSNL will send you the following message:

The page contains two buttons, UPGRADE or DECLINE. Once you click the  UPGRADE button launches a new webpage containing various plans to add more high speed-data, along with the added fees to do so. The options were as follows:

Rs. 100 for 2 GB
Rs. 200 for 5GB
Rs. 300 for 10 GB
Rs. 500  for 20 GB

Once you select the desired plan , and click the TOP UP button. The following message appears:

The original high speed is back.

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