Boxing Champion Hector Camacho Shot in his face and expected to survive

World’s Boxing champion, the Hector “Macho” Camacho has been shot in his face while he was sitting in his car on Tuesday. The event took place outside the Puerto Rican Capital. After that e was immediately rushed to the trauma center, Centro Medico in San Juan. The doctor who examined him, Ernesto Torres, announced that he was in a very critical condition.

The Police have reported that there was another man in the car with Hector, who has not been identified yet. He died immediately after the attack when a person openly fired their vehicle in Bayamon.

Hector is now in a stable condition. The bullet had first hit him in the jaws, but travels through his mouth and finally managing to fracture two vertebrae. Torres has also reported that Hector’s association with drugs and alcohol might be paralyzed due to the shot.

Hector’s career has been a roller coaster. He has been talked about many times, even arrested once. However, his career in Boxing was shining as ever. His friends think that a tough person like him would easily pull through.

Hector is a winner of many boxing titles in the course of his career, like Lightweight, Super Light Weight and many more.

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