Bleeding gums -notice blood on the toothbrush while brushing your teeth – Causes

When you brush your teeth in the morning, you may sometimes notice blood on the toothbrush. Sometimes this may be caused by your mouth getting scratched by coarse foods. But if you regularly see blood on the brush, this indicates oral problems. You may wonder why you develop such oral problems that your gums begin to bleed. The reasons may be quite weird. Here are some of the reasons why you may have bleeding gums:

  • One of the seemingly unlikely reasons behind bleeding gums is smoking. Inhaling tobacco leaves irritants on your teeth which are difficult to remove. Accumulation of such chemicals may lead to bleeding gums.
  • Your diet has important impact on every aspect of your health including oral health. Eating healthy foods nourishes the soft oral tissues and helps in preventing oral bleeding. On the other hand, unhealthy diet compromises your entire immune system and also affects your oral health.
  • Bleeding gums may occur due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Risk of gingivitis and periodontal diseases are higher at this time.
  • Gingivitis is one of the major causes of bleeding gums. People tend to ignore this condition because it is not painful, but it can seriously injure your oral health. Gingivitis is caused due to accumulation of plaque on the teeth and gum which leads to inflammation.
  • Using the wrong toothbrush or brushing too hard may cause injury to the gum leading to bleeding. You should not use brushes with hard bristles as they hurt the soft tissues of your mouth.
  • Blood vessels in the mouth may get inflamed due to prolonged stress and anxiety leading to bleeding.
  • Certain medication may cause your gums to grow brittle and bleed.
  • Kissing a person with bleeding gum disease can cause you to get the disease.

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