BASF’s ‘Smart Forvision’ Electric car concept revealed

The chemical company BASF is into manufacturing mainly chemicals, performance products, plastics and products meant for crop production for oil and gas. Recently, it joined forces with Daimler, and released a ‘smart forvision’ electric car concept in Delhi at the ‘Indo-German URBAN MELA’.

This car has its base in the theme of maintainable urbanisation. It blends innovative technologies along with futuristic and modern design, in areas such as energy saving, temperature management and lightweight design.

This vehicle was first revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, and utilizes the vehicle expertise of BASF and Daimler’s system and material expertise. The examiners and the designers came up with a mixture of technologies and visionary materials, of which a lot of them are still at laboratory stage.

The ‘smart forvision’ concept’s highpoints are the crystal clear ‘organic solar cells’, translucent ‘organic light-emitting diodes’, plastic made wheels, lightweight body parts and films and coatings which are infrared-reflective.

The technologies and the materials let latest concepts to be put to use in the vehicle that other than saving energy, also generates it. The ‘power-generating solar cells’ which are based on chemical dye makes the car fuel-efficient.

This vehicle is inventive from all aspects and will definitely benefit the cars of the future.

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