Ashwin Kakumanu Turns To Social Work In tamil movie ‘Zero’

Ashwin Kakumanu would be seen in the upcoming Tamil flick ‘Zero’. The female lead is Sshivada famous for ‘Nedunchaalai’. The actor is happy with the response he has received since the teaser was released. The film has been directed by Shiv Mohaa, who is Bharat Bala’s assistant.

Ashwin Kakumanu has given a peek into his role. He says that the film is more of supernatural thriller, rather than a horror. Ashwin would don the role of a social worker. He begins to see something strange and this creates an imbalance in his life. He and Sshivada would be seen as a married couple in the film. Praising Sshivada, the actor says that she is a good actress and has done well as a heroine who keeps the actor grounded at the time when strange things start taking place.

Ashwin even reports that he was not the first one to be approached for this role. He says that the filmmakers approached another actor first – who is Ashwin’s friend. But the friend couldn’t do the role and so he recommended Ashwin’s name. The actor hasn’t revealed the name of his buddy who helped him get this role. The movie is visual-centric and director Shiv presented quite a lot of visual senses before Ashwin when he was first told about ‘Zero’.

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