Anti – ageing diet tips to follow

Growth and ageing go hand in hand. With age you are obvious to have a different formation of bone structure and estrogen levels are bound to fall giving you a sagging skin.
But there are many more factors regulating the ageing of your skin. You can counter these factors and the signs of ageing even when the growth is progressing.
Evaluate carefully the ‘inputs’ you give to your skin. The diet you consume plays a major role in providing nutrition to the skin from within the body.
Here are some safe and effective dietary tips to retard ageing:

1. Intake of colored fruits and vegetables containing vitamins helps keeping your skin nourished and moisturized. The different vitamin supplements are as follows:

Vitamin A: Asparagus, broccoli, leafy green vegetables (spinach and kale), sweet potatoes, red/yellow and orange products like carrots, bell peppers, cantaloupe, orange etc.

Vitamin C: cauliflower, strawberries, pineapple, kiwifruits, raspberries, cranberries etc.

Vitamin E: tomato, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

2. Drink: every day two cups of either of these poly phenols – green tea/cocoa/dark chocolate.

3. Water consumption should be as high as possible and as minimum as 3L per day. Less water dries up your skin and also affects your digestive system which in turn causes your skin to develop crevices.

4. Main meals to be supplemented with whole grains (minimum 3 serving a day):

Whole grains like oats, quinoa, barley, wheat and brown rice are rich in fiber and have low carbohydrate content. The permitted calories for men are 1500 per day and for women are 1200 per day.

Consumption within these ensures proper blood circulation and keeps your skin revitalized.

5. Fish: best source of omega-3 fatty acids which confer many anti-ageing benefits. Serve yourself twice a week with fish.

If you cannot eat fish then with the consultation of doctor go for fish-oil supplements like Seven seas cod liver oil.

6. Red wine (one glass each day) and garlic(100 gms each day in cooked or uncooked form): both have antioxidant properties. The component present in red wine and garlic having anti-ageing effect is Resveratrol and Hydrogen Sulfide respectively.

7. Eat at regular intervals in normal measures. Keep a gap of 5 hours or less between the meals. Eat something within an hour of waking up.

Try shedding some weight if you are an obese and you may shed some wrinkles too.

Keep intake of sugar and highly processed foods as low as possible. These just get converted into fats in your body without rendering any energy to you.

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