Anjali in Shakeela’s biopic ?

As they say, nothing is old or ignored in the film industry, and rightly so. There was a time when Shakeela was ignored or was considered as the bad girls for doing B grade movies in Malayam industry. There are lots of controversies and remarks made against her, but now with tile all such has fallen flat and if reports are to be believed a movie is being planned on her lifestyle. In other words, very soon you will get to see a biopic on Shakeela. This will be a sensation as her life has always been in the news.

Some shocking revelations will go to come and this is happening that a producer from Kollywood has decided to portray the character of Shakeela on screen and Anjali has been roped in to play the lead. However, nothing much has been revealed about the movie, but it is believed this it will be a big one. Unofficial confirmation has come it is just the new sis going rounds and hopefully you will come to know about it in a few days time. There was another such movie that roped lots of criticism and fames was “The Dirty Picture: played by Vidya Balan. Let’s hope this movie also goes well.

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