Ananya playing double role for Raatchasi movie

Popular actress Ananya is going to be seen in Raastchasi playing double role for the first time. The film is going to be directed by Rupesh Paul. The film is going to be made in 3D. This is thus going to be another leap in the career of this actress. Earlier, Rupesh had given direction to a film called Saint Dracula. It is being said that this ambitious director is going to apply the same method of making this movie as he did with his previous film. Thus, he is going to hire all the technicians who have worked with him earlier.

Sources have told us that the film has some scenes where snakes had to be used. Brave actress Ananya, has done brilliantly by acting the scenes extremely well without showing any ounce of fear. The actress did not create any fuss.

The film is thus an exciting project that is going to hit the cinema halls this year. Latest technologies have been deployed by the cinematographer K.P. Nabiathiri. He has used latest methods like ‘Stereography’ in order to build up the special effects in some sequences in the movie. The movie has been made with a reasonable budget of Rs 15 crore.

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