AGNI -2 Successfully Tested

India on Thursday successfullytested its medium ranged nuclear capable agni-2 missile with a strike range of 2000kms. The trial is done by Indian army from wheeler islandof odisha coast. Describing the launching steps Integrated test Range (ITR) director said all mission parameter were met during the the mission and the mission was successful.
The missile was well equipped with 2 stage advanced high accuracy navigation system guided by a navel scheme of the state . each command and control system was propelled by solid rocket propellent system. The entire procedure of the trial was being invested by a battery of sophisticated radars, telemetry observation station, electro optic instrument and naval ships located in the impact point in the sea.the agni2 missile had about 20 metre long and it is a solid propelled ballistic missile about 17 tonnes of weight and can carry a pay load of about 1000 kg to about 2000kms.the missile was developed by advanced system laboratories in association with other DRDO laboratories andintegrated by Bharat dynamic limited, Hyderabad.the first night trial conducted on November 23,2009 from the wheelers island could not meet the parameters but this mission had achieved all the parameters.

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