Actress Trisha Krishnan engagement with Varun Manian

With all the freshness of this New Year, famous Tamil actress Trisha announces her engagement date on yesterday evening. As she tweeted on her twitter account she is going to be engaged with her boyfriend Varun Manian on Friday 23rd of January in this year. The engagement ceremony will not be celebrated grandly. Very few close friends of both of them and close family members will attend the ceremony. Her boyfriend Vijay is not from the film industry. He is a businessman from Chennai. Though many gossips on Trisha’s marriage date are heard already, but the actress clearly stated that she did not decide till now the date for her marriage. She also said that whenever she fixed the marriage date she will surely publish it in media. 2015 is going to be a lucky year for the actress. Beside the engagement, she will also sign for two new films in this year. The actress also confirms that she will be able to do the films and carry on her acting career even after her marriage.

Trisha is a popular actress in South Indian film industry.  She started her film career in 1999. On that same year she won the “Miss Madras” awards. Varshan, Unnakum Ennakum, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Lesa Lesa are some of her notable work.


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