Actress Shamili Sounderajan & filmmaker Arun Pawar Marriage engagement

Actress Shamili Sounderajan known to have acted in films like Chandamama Kathalu, Lovers and Kai Raja Kai, recently got engaged on May 10 with filmmaker Arun Pawar in Hyderabad. It was on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Best Actors’ that the director Arun Pawar, fell in love with the actress.

Shamili confirmed that it is more of an arranged match. She further elaborated that she did not spend much time ever talking to him despite having worked with him on the same project. It was only in the last couple of days that she finally talked to him.

Incidentally the actress’s mother who used to accompany her to the sets shared a good camaraderie with Arun. Hence Arun chose to reveal his feelings for Shamili to her mother first. Shamili’s mother although took time to think over the issue and consulted with the other family members before confirming the marriage.

She said that her mother was the pillar of support all throughout in her life be it in her education, career or marriage. Since her mother had taken a liking to him she chose to go by her mother’s decision who has always taken right decisions for her. The actress gave her mother the carte blanche to take a right and apt decision on behalf of herself on such an important aspect of life.

On the other hand the director revealed his feelings for Shamili. He said that she was a bit reserved initially, but after he himself broke the ice her interactive and friendly side became visible to him. He began to appreciate her attitude towards life.

But even though the marriage has been settled the actress declared that they won’t be marrying soon, instead they will invest time focusing on their individual careers for the moment.

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