Actress Samantha marriage

The entire South Indian Film Industry is talking about Samantha getting married Siddharth and that too very soon. Initially Siddharth had become very angry when the first news about their marriage had risen. He had said that he would openly announce their marriage and not let it be a secret. However, he had revealed his plans to get married to Samantha in a very recent interview. He proclaimed it to be a personal decision for the goodwill of their lives. Samantha has refused to comment anything on this marriage issue. She is not even ready to utter a single word about it. When she was asked about her plans to get married she had replied that she will not be getting married very soon. Hence, the comments that were given by Siddharth about his marriage become quite a mystery to all of us.

The two were seen together in a film called Jabardasth, which happened to be a blockbuster. They became quite close to each other during the shooting of the film. Their chemistry was great both on-screen and off-screen. During the launch of the music album of the film the two could not take their eyes off each other. The two were also seen together with their families in Kalahasti temple. Moreover, Samantha had refused to accept any new movie and hence people are assuming the fact that the two are going to get married very soon. To add to the delight of their fans Siddarth had confessed about their marriage plans.

Thus, it is sure that Samantha and Siddharth are making great plans for their future. A formal announcement is still pending, but the implications that have been sighted are clear examples of their marriage very soon. Hence, the entire K-Town wishes the best for them and is waiting when they will be tying the sacred knot in front of everyone.

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