Actor Rajinikanth Biggest Flop Movies List

Rajinikanth, the superstar of South Indian cinema has delivered numerous high grossing films. However, this phenomenal star has also seen quite a few failures. It seems as if failure does not affect him, since he continues to strive forward towards his next movie. The movies listed below are some of the flops of this superstar’s magnificent career:

Anbulla Rajinikanth:

Director, K Natraj’s directorial debut, ‘Anbulla Rajinikanth’ released in the year 1984.In this movie the superstar plays himself. This is the story of Rosy, a wheel-chair bound cancer patient. Rosy is an orphan, who does not like to mingle and is a fan of Rajinikanth. When Rajinikanth approaches her she becomes friendly and optimistic. The movie ends with the death of Rosy on Christmas Eve. Ilaiyaraaja’s music was hit and this movie opened to good reviews, even though it failed terribly at the box office.

Sri Raghavendra:

Rajinikanth’s 100th movie, ‘Sri Raghavendra’ (1985) also makes it to the list of flops. It is the story of a Hindu saint Raghavendra Swami, played by Rajinikanth. It shows his complete life right from his birth till he takes Samadhi. The script for this movie was scripted by the superstar himself. It was produced by Kavithalaya Productions which belongs to K Balachander, who is this star’s mentor. The actor was praised for his performance but the film could not create an impact on the box office.

Nann Adimai Illai:

In the year 1986 Rajini saw many failures as several of his Hindi and Tamil movies were flops. ‘Nann Adimai Illai’ was directed by Dwarakish and cast Sridevi alongside Rajinikanth. This story is of a young couple, both of whom come from different social backgrounds. Their marriage is doomed due to their differences. Rajinikanth is a photographer and Sridevi plays the daughter of an industrialist. The failure of this movie led to the untimely end of Sridevi’s career in Tamil Movies.


‘Siva’ (1989) was the remake of the Bollywood movie ‘Khhon Pasina’ (1977). This Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna starrer was a super hit movie. However, its Tamil remake was unable to get the same response. This movie cast Rajinikanth and Raghuvaran as childhood buddies. They separate after their families are ruined. After 20 years when they recognize each other and reunite they fight the villain together. This film was directed by Amirjan and produced by Kavithalaya Productions. The good performances by both Rajinikanth and Raghuvaran could not prevent the film from failing at the box office.

Naatuku Oru Nallavan:

V. Ravichandran’s ‘Naatuku Oru Nallavan’ (1991) released in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil simultaneously. It is the story of a policeman waging war against the organ transplant mafia. Juhi Chawla is cast opposite the superstar. The Telugu version, Shanthi Kranti, starred Akkineni Nagarjuna in the lead role. This film could not succeed in any language and was an epic failure.


‘Baba’ (2002), failed disastrously at the box office and Rajinikanth had to compensate the distributors for their losses. This script again penned by the star portrays him as Baba, an atheist. This film shows his transformation from a drunkard and gambler to a pious and peaceful soul. Seven boons granted to him by a powerful saint cause this transformation.


‘Kuselan’ (2008), directed by P. Vasu was the remake of Malayalam movie Kadha ‘Parayumbol’. It is the story of two friends and how life takes them in different directions. While one rises to become a superstar the other remains as a barber in their village. Marketed as a Rajinikanth film, this movie shows him in an extended cameo. The limited time for which Rajini comes on-screen was a disappointment to his fans.

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