Actor Dileep ready for Second Marriage? : Daughter Meenakshi’s response

Hearing at Meenakshi’s response to Dileep’s marriage, it can very well be said as a cool sense of humor. The daughter of Manju Warrier and Dileep gave a funny reaction to the wedding plans, reveals none other than her father! Dileep recently gave an interview to Vanitha. The actor described how his daughter reacted on the matter. Dileep was checking out the photos of the new faces for his upcoming movie. It was then that his daughter dear entered the bedroom. She asked Dileep about the photos he was looking at. The actor pretended to be shy to add fun to the situation. He said that he was searching for a bride and wants to tie the knot again. Meenakshi is no less when it comes to humor. She straight away asked her father, hasn’t he had enough?

The actor says he may or may not actually ready in for a re-marriage in future. However,now he has no plans to get married again. As of now, Dileep is not searching for a bride.&  Meenakshi should know that what he said earlier was just for fun.

Manju Warrier and Dileep were married for 14 years. They got divorced in January this year. The reason for the separation being that whatever differences they had were irreconcilable. Manju has made a comeback into the film industry. She has many great projects in hand. Though the exact reason for separation may not be revealed before the public, rumors are always there to spice up the news.

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