2014 Hyundai Xcent compact sedan in India details

Hyundai has launched the first compact sedan in the country and they are following a uncommon route or strategy that has been followed by other car manufactures in the country. Hyundai is focusing in connecting with toe mass market and for that reason they are trying out all new versions and different innovations with their all new models. The brand has been amongst the top manufactures of sedan and hatchback car in the country with their all top class model in the race. The last launch has been their Grand i10 and it got good response from the market. The Xcent is all the same with a tail at the back.

However eth booking for this car has been opened from today and this will definitely give the customers a good option to book the all new brand quite early and get a chance to feel the pleasure of this all new version. There are five version of the car available in the market and the car is available in both Diesel as well as petrol variants. The starting price of the car is around 4.66 lakhs and the top price is around 7.38 lakhs. There are varieties of features and new specialties that come along with the car and this will definitely amaze the car followers.

The car has recently revealed all details and specifications of its all new version and the ex showroom price prior its online bookings. According to the brand the name has been revived to Xcent just to connect with the new generation and there are some especial features that give it an amazing experience. The power strain is similar to that of Grand i10 and it comes along with 1.1 liter at CRDi diesel and another feature of 1.2 liter Kappa petrol. The designs and looks have also been quite good.

Interior Photos

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