2013 Ford Fiesta Classic Titanium Launched with Tech Details

Ford Fiesta has been doing business in India since 2005. However, in-between this company has modified its marketing strategies to capture the Indian market. After releasing Fiesta models back to 2007, this company stopped producing these models. However after a long hiatus, the management of Ford decided to remodel Fiesta Classic. The latest Fiesta Classic Titanium has been remodeled after doing a number of technical tune-up programs to enhance the structural elegance and efficiency of the new model.

Ford Classic Titanium with the diesel engine will be available for Rs.7.82 Lakhs and the model with a petrol engine will be sold for Rs. 6.86 Lakhs. There are many new features which will be included in the car upgradation program. This car will have low rate of carbon emission.

The new car model is equipped with the sophisticated spoiler, and hi-tech Bluetooth system. The street nav system of the vehicle is standard in functionality. The glass screens of the windows of the car compartment are transparent, durable and glossy. The windshield of the car is strong with a pair of washers to wipe out the rain drops from the screen. The sleek design of the dash will also attract viewers. There is very little risk of experiencing any scuttle tremor in the compartment of the car. Tire bands, axle bars and struts of the vehicle are assembled and fitted with care. It is an eco-friendly Classic Titanium.

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